Pragmatic, flexible, methodical, structured, reliable, open, dynamic, strong implementation record, solution-oriented, effective... Do you recognise all that? Have you heard it all somewhere before? And isn't that what all consultants and trainers claim to be?

I, too, of course, stand for these qualities. With more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and executive in the industry, this is without a doubt something you can expect from me.

But ultimately, it's what I can contribute to your business success that counts. In order to do my bit, I need a very good understanding of your business and your situation. And that's exactly where my strength lies, because I acquaint myself with your situation in a short space of time, quickly develop suitable and pragmatic solutions for you and implement them. Furthermore, the chemistry between us must be o.k. To me, that means that we get along well on a human, personal level.